Real Estate

The real estate industry seems to be in a regular state of flux. Depending on the economy and other factors industry companies may thrive and exceed or struggle to meet profit expectations. When property is purchased, developed or sold depends on a number of complex strategic factors identified by each company. Whether the focus is on development, commercial real estate property management or just investment, our experienced team of professionals can act as a guide.

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Benefit Plan Audits

The audit of a 401k and other retirement plan does require specialized knowledge and attention. While it’s commonly believed that there is little difference between a financial statement and retirement plan audit that is not entirely true. To ensure that your plan audit receives the highest level of audit quality, it’s essential work with an experienced firm that understands the nuances of plan audits.

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Preparing for a Business Valuation

Record Retention - Duluth CPA Firm

From time to time a business owner encounters a situation where they need to understand the value of their business.

About Wilson Lewis

Wilson Lewis, an Atlanta CPA Firm, focuses on making your life easier. Our main objective is to offer quality advisory services, personal attention, and an economic guide created to protect and grow your future. To accomplish that goal, we’ve assembled a team of experienced professionals that will meet your needs with an unmatched quality of expertise.

Firm Founders Lennie Wilson and Angela Lewis.

Firm Founders Lennie Wilson and Angela Lewis.