Fraud Prevention & Detection

It’s difficult for most business owners and managers to even consider at their company where fraud or other illegal activities are occurring. The employees are honest, pleasant people who in some cases have been with the company for years and years. However, when the first inclination arises that something less that “above board” is happening, it’s then that most wish they had implemented a plan to protect the company from fraud or other criminal behavior. The truth is that it’s much more difficult to uncover, stop and recover from fraudulent behavior than it is to create a prevention plan to safeguard the company.

To protect your company from being in this position it’s essential to work with an experienced provider to help guide the process. The team at Wilson Lewis has experience in helping companies assess their weaknesses, uncover areas of opportunity and implement fraud protection measures. We work with companies in Duluth, Atlanta and across Georgia to help them implement a fraud protection plan that meets their unique needs.

Fraud Prevention Services

There are several fraud prevention measures that can be implemented based on a company’s specific situation. Below is a list of the services commonly used;

  • Fraud consultation and assessments, including an analysis of accounting and financial internal controls to determine adequacy and identify susceptibility to fraud
  • Fraud testing
  • Remedying any internal control weaknesses and designing new internal controls as needed
  • Review of cash flow and reconciliation for inconsistencies or abnormalities, including A/P, A/R, and payroll
  • Helping to establish anti-fraud policies and procedures
  • Management and employee fraud education

Ongoing Fraud

If you’re concerned that fraud may already be occurring or has occurred in the past, Wilson Lewis can also help you uncover the facts surrounding the breach, calculate fraud damages, and prevent any further harm to your organization. In these situations it’s important not to wait because if fraud is occurring additional delays may make the damages incurred greater than necessary.

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To ensure the company is in the best positon possible it’s necessary to plan ahead. This also means planning to protect the company against fraud. For additional information on our fraud prevention services, call us at 770.476.1004 or click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon!