Multi State Tax Compliance

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, many companies conduct business across state lines. It’s not unusual for companies of all sizes to have customers, vendors and employees in multiple states. Unfortunately, these economic activities trigger tax reporting requirements that most are simply unaware of. This creates a significant liability, especially when such violations span several years undetected. In addition, many states have stepped up their enforcement actions due to budget shortfalls, catching many by surprise.

Wilson Lewis works with companies in Atlanta and across Georgia to identify nexus issues and implement solutions designed to facilitate compliance with state regulations. Whether your company needs assistance with planning due to expansion or assistance with state tax audit defense, our firm is here to help. We work with companies on a number of tax matters including nexus determination, franchise and income tax assessment, identification of sales and use tax issues and guidance with transactional tax matters.

Our State & Local Tax services include:

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The experienced tax team at Wilson Lewis will work with you to ensure your organization remains in compliance with all state tax laws, no matter where you choose to do business. For additional information about our comprehensive multi-state tax services, contact us at 770.476.1004 or click here for email. We look forward to speaking with you soon!