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The real estate industry seems to be in a regular state of flux. Depending on the economy and other factors industry companies may thrive and exceed or struggle to meet profit expectations. When property is purchased, developed or sold depends on a number of complex strategic factors identified by each company. Whether the focus is on development, commercial real estate property management or just investment, our experienced team of professionals can act as a guide. Beyond traditional tax, accounting and audit services, there are a number of opportunities we can help you uncover and leverage. Tax credits, state and federal incentive programs and the new tangible property rules are the newest source of opportunity for many.

Many real estate companies work with accounting firm‘s that don’t have strong experience in their niche. While this may seem harmless for traditional work, it may also mean the company is missing out on tax saving opportunities by project and company. Consider if your current firm is familiar with partial asset dispositions and how they can provide immediate tax relief. If not, it may be time for a change. Wilson Lewis works with dozens of real estate companies across Atlanta and in Duluth.

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There are many opportunities for real estate companies and investors to manage tax obligations through tax credits and opportunities in the new tangible property regulation. If you are looking for a firm that goes beyond compliance to add bottom line value, then Wilson Lewis wants to help. For additional information please contact us at 770-476-1004, or click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.