As a business owner, who do you trust to understand your business and its needs? Do you have an outside professional with the experience you require that cares about you, as the owner, and your business’ operations and success? Does your advisory firm have the broad capabilities and experience to fit your needs today and the ability to continue to grow with you as your business grows?

Are you getting the most tax savings possible? Do you look ahead at your tax burden to ensure you have taken advantage of all you can to minimize your taxes? Does your CPA provide you with effective year-end planning services or advice? At tax time, are your numbers being “crunched” or opened and analyzed for hidden opportunities that could lower your tax liability? Taking the time to thoroughly complete a return could mean discovering missed tax savings and potentially save you money.

Have you thought about saving for your retirement? Is your retirement plan designed to fit your specific needs and fulfill your financial aspirations for the future? Does your retirement plan administrator analyze your small business and help you to design a plan that maximizes earnings for you and your employees? Your CPA firm should not only be an experienced advisor to your financial life, but also a partner you can trust.

Is your audit team giving you fresh, innovative ideas to improve your business? Does your advisor focus on your historical results as well as your current business operations and industry when determining the most effective choices to influence your future? Having an advisor who understands your business could maximize your borrowing potential and improve efficiency allowing you to save time and money.

Do you have someone that you trust to answer all your financial questions not only at tax time but year-round? An experienced partner in your financial life? Someone to offer personal involvement who knows you, your family, and your business’ financial situation best? Who’s on your side? Let us be your financial partner, Wilson Lewis is here for you.

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